Water is Life in Bundibugyo, Uganda, a rural district located in western Uganda along the boarder with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many household members in Bundibugyo walk significant distances to collect water in plastic containers from public tapstands, protected and unprotected springs, and local streams. This responsibility generally falls to women and children and exerts a significant time requirement on daily life and many utilized sources are unsafe. Bundibugyo has a high infant mortality rate with one of the primary causes being unsafe water and there continues to be significant waterborne illnesses due to lack of access to safe drinking water sources (Typhoid – Fall 2011, Cholera – Summer 2012).

The Bundibugyo water project seeks to share Christ through sharing water. Sharing water will reduce infant mortality and increase the quality of life in Bundibugyo through improved access to safe water through the following mechanisms:

• Improved supply of water to the communities in Bundibugyo through new infrastructure projects as well as rehabilitation of older systems
• Improved water quality through monitoring and treatment programs
• Making water projects sustainable by increasing the knowledge base of local technicians through training and workshops
• Improving end user water handling and storage through community outreach
• Providing emergency assistance to repair essential systems when they are damaged due to natural disasters (flooding and landslides)

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