World Harvest Mission (WHM) continues to be one of the longest standing Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) in Uganda and has been ministering in Bundibugyo district since 1990 as well as supporting projects in Kampala and Fort Portal since 1979. Over the past 35 years, World Harvest Mission has shifted its focus from Church Planting (1980-2002) to Community and Leadership Development in collaboration with the local church (1990-present). During this time WHM helped plant a number of congregations of the Presbyterian Church of Uganda, built the Ngite, Picfare, Bubukwanga, and Butogo water supply systems in Bundibugyo District in partnership with other NGOs, constructed the Bundibugyo Airstrip, served as a bridge for aid and a haven for refugees during the ADF war from 1997-2003 and provided urgent medical care during the outbreak of E. Bola in Bundibugyo District (2007). During the 2013 refugee influx from the Democratic Republic of Congo, WHM stood alongside district leaders and other NGO’s to assist in the construction of the water systems at the Bubukwanga Transit Center and in providing water trucking and design services free of charge.

The biggest asset that WHM offers in its ministry and development work is the provision of specialized missionaries who are resident with the communities that they serve. This framework allows us to partner with local communities in a relational manner – a high cultural value in our local communities. All of our missionaries care deeply for the people of Uganda and each missionary fund-raises internationally so that their specialized services are provided free of charge to the local communities. In addition, many of our missionaries fund-raise internationally to support the projects of WHM in Uganda.

World Harvest Mission continues to encourage and establish the leadership potential of the people in Bundibugyo district through Christ School Bundibugyo (CSB). This is one of our cornerstone projects through which we seek to help Bundibugyo develop through education. CSB is a mixed ‘O’ and ‘A’ level boarding school which has a yearly enrolment of over 250 students and employs over 30 teachers and staff. It is a long term project and represents our largest financial commitment to development within Uganda.

World Harvest Mission works hand-in-hand with the local communities that we serve and consistently provides services to the communities in Western Uganda that would not otherwise be accessible to the ones who are impacted. We continue to look forward to our partnership with our community leaders to provide these services.



The BundiNutrition program is for moderately malnourished children-those with significant malnutrition but not severe enough to warrant hospitalization. Each week they are given a locally grown and processed food supplement to improve their nutritional intake. The program also emphasizes education to create longer-lasting change in the community. Each week, a lesson is taught concerning a public health issue as well as a Bible teaching to share the hope of the gospel.




Giving Living Water through Clean Water Projects in Bundibugyo.

  • Improving Supply of water
  • Improving Water Quality
  • Making projects Sustainable
  • Improving Stakeholder Oversight
  • Community WASH Education



Christ School Bundibugyo

Christ School Bundibugyo is a Senior Secondary boarding school for both male and female students.  It is the top performing school in Bundibugyo and World Harvest Mission subsidizes school fees to make them affordable.







BundiMedical provides clinical services and infrastructure projects at Bundibugyo District Hospital.







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